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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Yi Sun-shin in Mobile Legends

National Hero

Yi Sun-shin: National Hero


Mobile Legends’ Yi Sun-shin is a marksman, designed to bring his team sustained damage from range. He uses his longbow at range but also carries a hard-hitting glaive for enemies who get too close.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Yi Sun-shin is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Yi Sun-shin Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Yi Sun-shin is a fragile marksman, meaning he can deal damage but needs to stay at range to avoid death. Yi Sun-shin has limited mobility, making it easy for assassins and mages to delete him, and if he is crowd controlled by a support or tank hero in a team fight, he’s unlikely to survive very long.

With that in mind, stay in the back of team fights and wait for enemies to use their spells and crowd control abilities before hard engaging. Work with your teammates to ensure your own survival, and you will, in turn, be better able to protect them by pumping out sustained damage that will get through the initial burst that assassins and mages offer.


Swift Boots help Yi Sun-shin get off more Basic Attacks, perfect for a marksman. Demon Hunter Sword is a great pick for teams that have a tank posing a considerable threat. Windtalker is as well, giving him some added movement speed and magic damage.

In the late game, Scarlet Phantom and Malefic Roar give Yi Sun-shin some boosted power in quickly and swiftly taking objectives and killing enemies with bonus Physical Penetration and attack speed.


As a marksman, Yi Sun-shin relies primarily on Basic Attacks to deal damage. However, his abilities give him some added poke, designed to help him better whittle down enemies before his team commits to an engage.

While his passive glaive weapon deals higher damage, its limited range means it should only be used when necessary. The fact that it reduces the cooldown of One-wave Sweep will help Yi Sun-shin in tense melee battles by giving him some extra mobility.

Blood Floods is a very nice AoE poke move, capable of damaging an entire team if lined up properly. Use this from the backline of team fights in between Basic Attacks.

His ultimate ability, Mountain Shocker, is another powerful AoE move with a slow. Use this to get extra damage when teamfights break out in tight areas, or use the slight slow as enemies try to escape, making it harder for them.


Despite being a marksman, Yi Sun-shin can play aggressively with the Assassin Emblem page to boost his physical attack and crit chance with Bravery and Fatal. He loses out on the Lifesteal that the Marksman Emblem page provides, but the Killing Spree talent helps with that, restoring health and giving increased movement speed upon enemy death.

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