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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Karrie in Mobile Legends

Lost Star

Karrie: Lost Star


Mobile Legends’ Karrie is a deadly marksman that uses deadly lightwheels to deal True Damage to enemies, scaling off their total health.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Karrie is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Karrie Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Karrie is a deadly marksman, capable of pumping out incredible damage to targets via her passive. When playing her, you should be aiming to stack as many Lightwheel Marks on targets as possible.

As a marksman, Karrie needs to stay in the back lines, firing at whoever is closest to her while repositioning herself to be as safe as possible. Your team will rely on you and your heavy sustained damage — and you can’t put out any damage if you’re dead!


Karrie’s Item Build plays to her passive’s strength, aiming to ramp up her attack speed and on-hit effects to get the most out of each basic attack. 

Demon Hunter Sword helps her greatly increase her attack speed and also comes with a nice effect — dealing 9% of the target’s current health as additional damage. When paired with her lightwheels, Karrie can be stacking enormous amounts of damage on single targets, especially tanks who would be leading the charge, allowing her to stay at a safe distance from their melee range and melt them.

Swift Boots are the natural choice for a marksman, and they further boost Karrie’s Attack Speed. 

Golden Staff limits Karrie’s ability to critically strike, but grants her bonus attack speed instead and the item’s Endless Strike passive allows her the opportunity to get 3 basic attacks in one hit.

Playing with items that enhance and buff Karrie’s auto attacks is a no-brainer. The more times she is able to proc her lightwheel passive, the more times she is able to bust out massive percentage-based damage, making her a true late game monster.


As a fragile marksman, you will primarily be focused on using your Basic Attacks to inflict damage and your abilities to avoid it. 

Karrie’s Spinning Lightwheels allows her to slow enemies, great for pursuing them or escaping an ambush. 

Her Phantom Step is a great mobility tool, but don’t use it too recklessly. Try to have Phantom Step ready when engaging so that you can reposition as needed to avoid enemy skillshots and crowd control.

Use Karrie’s Ultimate ability when needing to melt through hefty targets; entering Dual Wield applies double the lightwheel marks, enabling her to deal that percentage-based damage even faster at the expense of some attack speed.


Using the Marksman Emblem page helps Karrie throughout the stages of the game.

Points in Bravery will boost her physical attack, helping her Basic Attacks deal even more base damage. Swift will up her attack speed, perfect for enabling her to stack lightwheels on enemies that get within range.

Electro Flash helps her regenerate health and gain movement speed, nice things to have when an intense fight is breaking out. Karrie will be better able to kit enemy damage with her Phantom Step and the boosted movement speed, and along with her Physical Lifesteal and the regeneration Electro Flash provides, she should be able to last a little longer, even in a duel if an assassin or mage catches her out of position.

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