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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Estes in Mobile Legends

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Estes: Moon Elf King


Mobile Legends’ Moon Elf King, Estes, is a powerful healer that specializes in keeping his allies alive and crippling his enemies. He is played in the support role.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Estes is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Estes Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Estes is a powerful support hero, capable of sustaining his entire team during team fights and bringing the enemy team to a grinding halt.

As a support, Estes will want to roam the map during the laning phase and stick with his entire team when team fights begin to erupt. Make sure your teammates understand the powerful sustain Estes offers, being able to keep them all healed in even the most tense battles.


As a support, it will be hard for Estes to generate a lot of gold, making Courage Mask an obvious first item. This will enable you to roam the map and help out allies without losing too much gold and experience along the way.

Mana Regen can be a particular problem for Estes. The sustain his healing moves offer him can quickly drain his mana. Without mana, he offers little to his team and would need to recall. Mana Regen boots like Demon Shoes help with this considerably.

After that, build according to the enemy team and decide whether you need to focus on offense or defense. Remember, Estes healing and crowd control moves scale with magic power, meaning he can output better heals and damage with this stat. Items like Fleeting Time are a great choice for Estes, offering him a boost to his magic power along with some nice ultimate cooldown reduction — helping him keep his team up even faster!


Use Moonlight Immersion to sustain important members of your team when they are fighting. It offers a nice immediate heal and a sustained heal, meaning you can help allies survive both burst damage and sustained damage all at once.

Domain of the Moon God is a very powerful tool that can be used strategically to help your team win fights. It brings enemies to a near total stasis with its 90% slow. Use it to stop enemies as they try to flee or use it when your team is ready to engage hard, helping tanks rush in and further crowd control enemies who have no way to escape.

Use Blessing of the Moon Goddess when multiple allies need healing at once. This is perfect for team fights, and you should try to convince your allies to not pick fights unless your ultimate ability is ready. The sustain Estes offers is extremely valuable and can truly be the changing tide that wins the fight for your allies.


The Support Emblem page naturally fits Estes the best.  Agility grants him added movement speed which helps with the fact that he is very squishy despite his sustain, making it a bit easier for him to get away from those chasing him, especially coupled with Domain of the Moon God.

Use Gift to increase Estes’ healing power, making it even easier to sustain yourself and your allies. 

Choose Avarice for extra gold generation, perfect for a support like Estes who scales with magic power, making it a little easier for him to get those expensive items that boost his power considerably.

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