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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Ling in Mobile Legends

Cyan Finch

Ling: Cyan Finch


Mobile Legends’ Cyan Finch, Ling is a highly mobile assassin capable of bursting down priority targets using his ability to dash to walls around the battlefield. Ling is best played in the Jungle role.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Ling is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Ling Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Ling’s built in mobility through his passive, Cloud Walker, allows him to quickly travel the map from wall to wall. His passive also grants him increased crit chance, but reduced crit damage.

Rather than using mana, Ling uses Lightness Points as energy. He restores lightness points while resting on walls and attacking enemies.

Thanks to his ability to be across the map in mere seconds, Ling players can choose to not build boots and opt for even more damage. Ling struggles with early jungle clears and is a glass cannon; he will need to farm up early in the jungle to get a few items before coming online to assassinate enemy targets.

As an assassin, Ling can dish out damage but can’t take very much, making him easily killed if he’s crowd controlled or caught out by multiple enemies. Seek out lone targets, especially fragile ones like the enemy marksman and mage. In team fights, assist your team by isolating and eliminating priority targets. 

If you face yourself frequently getting locked down and killed easily in team fights, consider split pushing. While your team pressures a turret on one side of the map, you pressure a turret on the other side. This will force enemies to either split up or lose one of their turrets.

If the enemy team comes to stop you, your team will have an easier time winning the fight on the opposite side of the map and you can use your superior mobility to waste the time of anyone who came to try and stop you.


Ling’s core items are his completed jungle item with Berserker’s Fury and Endless Battle. Ling will typically build Raptor Machete, but Pillager Axe can be used when defensive measures are needed. Rose Gold Meteor is another decent item for playing Ling defensively; it grants him added lifesteal and a shield that can get him out of a sticky situation.


Ling’s first special move, Finch Poise, allows him to jump to walls and remain camouflaged on the enemy mini-map. Enemies can still hit him and reveal him while on the wall, and enemy skill shot abilities with crowd control will make him fall from the wall. Use Finch Poise wisely to get across the map quickly and stealthily, but don’t use it carelessly; it costs a considerable amount of energy.

Ling’s second special move, Defiant Sword, is a mobility spell that deals damage. It can be cast on the ground as well as from the wall. If it lands on an enemy while Ling is on the wall, it will slow the enemy. It also grants Ling a small amount of life steal and applies on-hit effects, which his items take advantage of.

Ling’s ultimate ability, Tempest of Blades, grants him invincibility and burst damage. It can also airborne enemies who are in the center area of effect. Ling also calls forth four blades around the area. Moving across the blades resets the cooldown of Defiant Sword, giving Ling even more burst ability with his ultimate. Resetting the cooldown can also be used defensively with its lifesteal or allowing Ling to use Defiant Sword to blink away to safety.

Because of Tempest of Blades’ invincibility, you can use it to both hard-engage on enemies while avoiding their initial burst damage in reaction to your presence. Use his ultimate ability wisely, predicting when enemies will try to crowd control you and stop you from killing them.


Ling benefits most from the Assassin emblem page, with upgrades in Mastery and Invasion giving him added cooldown reduction and physical penetration. The Bounty Hunter talent grants extra gold for kills, helping Ling acquire his expensive damage items more quickly and snowball faster.

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