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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Hylos in Mobile Legends

Grand Warden

Hylos: Grand Warden


Mobile Legends’ Hylos, the Grand Warden is a durable tank that shines in his ability to poke enemies and heal up damage, rallying his allies with powerful buffs. He is often played as a roamer, supporting allies across the map, but is also able to hold down a lane on his own.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Hylos is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Hylos Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

Hylos has remarkably high health regeneration, allowing him to sustain himself continuously (and even use his health instead of mana to cast his abilities.) When playing him as a roaming support, use his utility and sustain to help allies force objectives. If laning, use your poke skills and powerful sustain to outlast your opponent, creating a gold advantage.

When team fighting starts, both teams will start to feel Hylos’ power, with his powerful ultimate bringing enemies to a screeching ultimate and speeding up allies pursuing enemies.


If planning to roam and help allies with Hylos’ utility, be sure to start with the roaming item that builds into Courage Mask so that you don’t fall behind in gold and experience.

If laning, getting a Clock of Destiny early helps it to boost your stats continuously as soon as possible.

Rapid Boots can make Hylos an unstoppable beast, while Warrior Boots (or Tough Boots) can give him some nice defense at the sacrifice of 40 movement speed. 

Items like Dominance Ice increase Hylos’ Mana, making it so he has to sacrifice less health to use his abilities (and also increasing his health thanks to his passive, Thickened Blood.)

Tank/Defensive items are Hylos’ best buys. Try to plan your items around the enemy team’s composition, paying particular attention to damage heroes or those who are performing exceptionally well. Build defensively, taking more magic resist against teams with high magic damage, or physical defense against those with high amounts of physical damage.


Hylos can use Law and Order to stun enemies, perfect for being an annoyance in lane and locking down priority targets he charges into during team fights.

Ring of Punishment allows him to inflict continuous damage as he charges in. Max this move first to increase the move’s utility, gaining extra stacking damage, increasing the skill’s value.

Glorious Pathway allows Hylos to set up high speed pursuits, perfect for initiating with his entire team. Coordinate with allies and storm objectives, forcing the team to flee and sieging towers together.


You can use the Tank Emblem page for Hylos to increase his defensive stats. More physical or magical defense can be taken depending on the enemy team (when in doubt, favor physical defense.)

Tenacity boosts Hylos’ defenses when his health gets low, which can come in handy for surviving initial burst damage when charging in to the fight.

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