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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Zhask in Mobile Legends

Planes Dominator

Zhask: Planes Dominator


Mobile Legends’ Zhask is a push focused mage that commands powerful turrets, his Nightmaric Spawn, to damage enemies from range, poking them down and seizing objectives.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Zhask is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Zhask Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Zhask has insane power at pushing objectives and forcing enemies away from them with his Nightmaric Spawn. However, he’s a highly immobile mage, making him a prime target for assassins and other higher mobility characters that can catch him out and leave him with no escape.

During the early game, Zhask needs to play safely to avoid giving the enemy jungler free kills. His Nightmaric Spawn offer him some protection against ganks, but try not to push up too far — it will be hard to get away if caught out.

When team fights start to erupt, Zhask can help his team push for objectives, using his Nightmaric Spawn to create hazards on the battlefield that the enemy must deal with or flee the area. Their auto-aiming nature and added threat of crowd control makes enemies think twice before entering their zone of fire.


Zhask’s Nightmaric Spawn gain enhanced attacks with Zhask’s Basic Attacks, which makes building Feather of Heaven early a smart choice to get the most out of his kit.

Demon Shoes help with early mana regeneration problems. 

Defensive Items like Winter Truncheon can make Zhask a bit safer, especially in games that have multiple assassins.

For final items, Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive give Zhask and his Nightmaric Spawn boosted power, helping them to stay relevant in the later parts of the game.


Zhask has the ability to setup Nightmaric Spawn around the battlefield. Use this wisely; moving too far from them causes them to disappear. You’ll need to have the turrets close enough to the action that you can still be safely positioned, but not so far away that you cannot at least use other poke skills or Basic Attacks for enhanced damage and crowd control.

When playing more drawn out duels like in the early laning phase, try to plan your Nightmaric Spawn and Mind Eater together wisely to get off a brief stun on enemies. This becomes slightly easier in chaotic team fights.

Hive Clones offer a powerful slow, perfect for aiding the team’s more mobile heroes in pursuit of a fleeing target. It can also be used to cripple enemies even more who get caught in the zone of Nightmaric Spawn, making them take even more damage from the auto-aiming turrets.

Zhask’s ultimate ability, Dominator’s Descent, allows him to combine with his Nightmaric Spawn and escape the battle, buying him some time when being pursued by an enemy who could otherwise easily kill him. It can also be used in team fights to boost damage output, pushing your team to victory in what might otherwise be a close battle.


Zhasks benefits most from the Mage emblem page, with upgrades in Flow and Observation giving him added magic power and penetration. The Mystery Shop talent allows him to buy items for cheaper, perfect for helping Zhask gain more power more quickly.

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