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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Lunox in Mobile Legends

Cosmic Harmony

Lunox: Cosmic Harmony


Mobile Legends’ Lunox balances chaos and order in her hands as a mage focused on poking the enemy, using heals and invulnerability in the heat of battle.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Lunox is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Lunox Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Lunox is a powerful mage capable of dueling enemies early in the game. Her light moves, focused on Order, give her great sustain in lane and safety with her ultimate.

Her Chaos moves bring the darkness, and with it, damage, allowing her to burst enemies down rapidly and unforgivingly. These two forms give Lunox flexibility in how she plays, making her a difficult hero to truly master.

Use your light form moves in the early game to sustain yourself and push waves.Using Starlight Pulse and Cosmic Fission will help Lunox with wave clear, allowing her to roam the map and gank for other lanes.

While roaming, try to have light orbs ready — especially if you’re unsure of where enemies are. This way you can escape to safety with Lunox’s light ultimate and not risk dying to an ambush of your own! You can initiate ganks with your dark ultimate if you have vision of the enemies (in particular the enemy jungler and the laners you are looking to ambush.)

Because of the short cooldowns of her moves and ability to use two different ultimate abilities, Lunox is able to use both her Light and Dark forms in single team fights. With this in mind, prepare for team fights ahead of time, knowing whether you will need to use your Chaos form to initiate fights with burst damage or if you will be looking to defend and bait out enemy damage with her Order ultimate that makes her invulnerable.


Because of Lunox’s great sustainability provided by her light moves, she benefits from life steal that Concentrated Energy provides. Building this first gives her great AoE life-steal in team fights, increasing her capability of taking damage and bursting enemies down.

Items like Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive give Lunox greater burst potential, with Holy Crystal working better against teams not building magic resistance and Divine Glaive better against teams building resistances.

Consider items like Immortality or Athena’s shield if needing more tankiness or survivability. Otherwise, mage items will increase Lunox’s damage output potential.


Lunox cycles through light and dark orbs depending on the skills she uses, and her ultimate ability changes based on which moves she has been using more often.

Because of her skills needing her to spam them frequently in order to change from light to dark, Demon Shoes are a must for Lunox. Even with them, she will struggle for mana and may need to base between fights or take the blue buff.

Her light moves sustain her and give her an invulnerability ult, perfect for defending objectives and baiting out enemy abilities. Her dark moves give her high damage, and give her a blink mobility ult that basically lets her use her Chaos Assault skill an unlimited amount of times for a short duration.

Depending on your team composition and the enemies you are facing, you will need to determine whether you should be using your light or dark ultimate at any given point in the match.  Keep in mind the time it will take to cycle from light to dark and back; when roaming the map, try to be close to your light ultimate so that you can escape if necessary. Otherwise, it will take a few seconds to get from dark to light, and in that time, an assassin could easily burst you down and kill you.

Use your Order ultimate to safely reposition while invulnerable. The blink from the Chaos ultimate can be used to surprise engage on enemies, immediately resetting Chaos Assault, allowing her to swiftly burst down enemies she jumps on.

In team fights, you can initiate with Order or Chaos and successfully cycle through to the opposing ultimate when playing carefully and mindfully. Try to stay focused on the best way to output the most damage safely, without dying, so that you can bring the most out of Lunox for your team.


Lunox benefits most from the Mage emblem page, with upgrades in Agility and Observation giving her added movement speed and magic penetration. Contract could also be taken for some added lifesteal.

End talents are all good depending on play style. Mystery Shop is a good beginner choice, allowing for items to be purchased cheaper. Impure Rage helps boost Lunox’s damage, making her skills add on percentage based damage to enemies. Magic Worship enables her to ambush and burst down squishy targets with even more ease, perfect for the focused Lunox player that is capable of isolating high priority targets in team fights.

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