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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Vale in Mobile Legends


Vale: Windtalker


Mobile Legends’ Vale is a crowd-control focused mage that uses the wind against his enemies. Vale can modify his abilities in game, adding more damage or more crowd control effects to each of his skills.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Vale is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Vale Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Vale is a relatively low mobility mage who gains speed with assists and kills. His moves are centered around crowd controlling and poking enemies, giving him good range and the ability to stay at the back lines and harass enemies from a distance.

Because of Vale’s poke and control abilities, he has relatively low kill pressure, especially early in the game. You’ll have to work together with allies, especially your jungler, in order to assist them by using crowd control to set up ganks and ambushes. As Vale gains his movement speed buffs, it will be easier for him to roam to other lanes and help there, too.

In team fights, Vale can shine with his ability to control enemies at large, knocking them up and bursting them down with his ultimate. Position safely to avoid enemy crowd control and burst damage.


Because Vale lacks a damage-centered kit, his items can help make up for his anemic damage, enhancing his skills and allowing him to pump out sustained damage in fights for his team along with his valuable crowd control.

Demon Shoes will help him with mana regeneration issues he may run into when staying on the battlefield too long without recalling. 

Glowing Wand adds a Max HP scaling burn to his skills, and Divine Glaive increases his magic penetration considerably. 

Items like Holy Crystal give Vale a significant magic damage boost, and Genius Wand reduces enemy defenses as well, aiding both Vale and other Magic Damage allies.


Vale’s Wind Blade is a unique move that unleashes wind blades in a line. This move can be difficult to aim, especially on minion waves, and it has a high startup making it easily telegraphed. Try to use Wind Blade a little ahead of the direction your enemy is going (namely, a bit behind them as they retreat.) This way, they will have less time to react and will be more likely to take Wind Blade’s Damage.

Wind Blade should be upgraded second after Windblow. The Damage Range increase helps the move be even more unavoidable while the damage increase is good if you’re landing Wind Blade with ease.

Windblow is a more straightforward move, sending a whirlwind in a direction. This can be enhanced first to help Vale have some safety in lane by choosing the airborne knock up, preventing allies from chasing. Choosing stop on-hit will have the whirlwind spawn tornadoes that stop upon hitting an enemy, allowing Value to potentially have five whirlwinds out if he hits all enemies in a line at once.

Stop-on-hit allows for more damage potential, while the airborne gives Vale some added crowd control and safety.

Vale’s ultimate, Windstorm, is a burst area of effect storm that can hit hard if enemies are in it at the duration it explodes. Choosing the crowd control upgrade for this move will suck enemies in, making it harder for them to avoid it. Choosing the damage upgrade is a great choice when working with allies to combo skills that will lock down enemies in a certain area long enough for the storm to go off without needing enemies sucked into it to keep them in place.


Vale benefits most from the Mage emblem page, with upgrades in Mastery and Observation giving him added cooldown reduction and magic penetration. Impure Rage helps him increase his damage output even further, adding more health percentage damage to his skills.

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