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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Pharsa in Mobile Legends

Wings of Vengeance

Pharsa: Wings of Vengeance


Mobile Legends’ Pharsa brings blind justice to the battlefield, damaging and poking enemies from long range with high mobility thanks to her ability to turn into a mist and fly away with her bird, Verri.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Pharsa is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Pharsa Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

Pharsa may be blind, but all that means is she doesn’t even need to see her enemies coming to hit them. With insane range on her abilities, Pharsa is able to burst and poke enemies from very far away.

Her ability to provide heavy burst damage from wide range coupled with her ability to fly with Verri over terrain gives her unparalleled mobility, making Pharsa a top choice for the player who wants to be all over the map in a matter of seconds.

Roaming is a key part in helping your team succeed as Pharsa. If it doesn’t look like you will be able to kill your lane opponent and the minion wave has pushed into the enemy tower, use your mobility to travel quickly to other lanes and ambush opponents, helping allies push waves as well and siege towers.


As a mage with range that is hard to beat, Pharsa is able to build offensively. Position wisely to be able to burst unsuspecting enemies down without them ever seeing you coming.

Arcane Boots help Pharsa with some early magic penetration, helping her hit harder, even through enemies who are smart enough to build defensive items against her magic damage.

Items like Holy Crystal allow her to greatly increase her magic power as well, perfect for her long range attacks. 

To stay relevant in the late game, items like Blood Wings and Genius Wand help her stay alive with more health and inflict more damage with increased magic penetration.


Pharsa’s Curse of Crow marks enemies, allowing her to stun them when removing the mark. This gives her great utility in team fights and can even be used to make a quick escape if her flight ability is on cooldown and she needs to get away.

Energy Impact is a ranged attack, perfect for poking enemies and clearing waves in lanes. It’s range is nothing compared to her ultimate, though.

Use Feathered Air Strike to immobilize yourself and rain down burst damage on the enemy team. Pharsa’s ultimate ability is perfect for impacting team fights when brawls have broken out. Its high range allows her to stay safely positioned and still pump out considerable damage on enemy targets. Try to aim for glass cannon characters who will be pumping out damage onto your own team. At best, you can use the high range to kill them, and at worst, they will have to flee the zone of your ult and be ineffective in the fight.


Pharsa uses the Mage Emblem page, with Mastery giving her added cooldown reduction. This is helpful for keeping her mobility up as well as her damaging spells. 

Observation will give her some boosted magic penetration, and Magic Worship allows her to add a burn onto enemies she is targeting with her burst.

Mystery Shop is also a wise choice for mage heroes, allowing them to purchase items for cheaper. Consider this talent if you’re learning Pharsa and aren’t positive you’ll be able to burst enemies down to meet the requirements of Magic Worship.

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