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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Terizla in Mobile Legends


Therizla: Executioner


Mobile Legends’ Therizla is a damage-focused fighter that becomes gains damage reduction as he loses health. 

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Terizla is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Terizla Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

Terizla uses his damaging skills and damage reduction passive to beef himself up and execute enemies who dare fight him.

Terizla uses Spell Vamp to heal himself up while in the thick of battle, and engaging with him will be much easier once he has his Bloodlust Axe. As a fighter, Terizla can dish out damage and take it — but he’s not the best at either. Try to engage after your tanks (or build more defensively if your team lacks a tank) to find success with Terizla’s engagements.


Warrior Boots and Bloodlust Axe give Terizla the right amount of offense and defense to let him get into fights and remain hard to kill while still being a threatening opponent that can hurt his enemies.

As a fighter, Terizla can build a mix of damage and offense depending on what his team needs. Items like Blade of Despair will give Terizla a huge damage boost while only taking up one item slot. 

Items like Queen’s Wings allow Terizla to become even harder to kill as his health decreases, allowing him time to use his spells and heal up.


Terizla’s abilities involve damaging and slowing enemies while speeding himself up as he continues to pursue them.

As a melee fighter, Terizla will find himself easily kited out by more mobile opponents and ones with range, making it more important for him to stick to enemies when he engages upon them.

Penalty Zone, Terizla’s ultimate ability, is a good mobility and initiation skill for Terizla, allowing him to jump in and immediately slow enemies, controlling them if they try to escape.

Execution Strike can follow up on his ultimate, allowing Terizla to chain damage and end with the third strike that does burst damage and slows enemies once more.

After that, Revenge Strike can be the nail in the enemy’s coffin, with exploding fissures dealing execution damage based on the enemy’s missing health. Terizla can use Revenge Strike earlier if possible to get Execution Strike out in the duration of the fissure. 

The movement speed gained from Revenge Strike can allow Terizla to easily chase down enemies or retreat if used last to avoid enemy reinforcements. Remember that as a fighter, Terizla can hold his own in fights, but he shouldn’t be engaging by himself unless he is sure he can secure the kill and live. Work with your teammates, coordinating on engages and picking high priority targets to lock down with Terizla’s skills.


The Fighter Emblem Page works nicely with Terizla’s gameplan to deal damage and use Spell Vamp to heal himself up.

Bravery increases his attack stats, allowing him to deal more damage while Invasion helps him penetrate enemy armor more easily without needing to invest in expensive armor penetration items.

Festival of Blood grants Terizla extra Spell Vamp, perfect for making the Executioner even harder for enemies to kill.

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