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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Wanwan in Mobile Legends

Agile Tiger

Wanwan: Agile Tiger


Mobile Legends’ Wanwan is a mobile marksman, able to move around the battlefield as she fires, dodging enemy attacks and purging their crowd control while inflicting her own stuns and slows.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Wanwan is in the Season 15 tier list.

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Wanwan’s mix of True Damage, crowd control purification and self peel make her a marksman that can quickly spiral out of control when played properly.

Wanwan can also come online with just a few items, allowing her to unleash her power in the mid game and push heavily with her team during team fights.

Because of her agility in battle and need to hit enemy Weaknesses to truly optimize her damage output, Wanwan requires focus and game-sense to know when to use her mobility for chasing and when to use it for out-maneuvering enemies.


Wanwan’s core items are Swift Boots, Demon Hunter Sword and Corrosion Scythe, all items that greatly bump her Attack Speed, allowing her to be more mobile on the battlefield and hit enemy Weaknesses more easily.

After building those, a Blade of Despair can give her a great boost of physical attack. Items like Queen’s Wings, Athena’s Shield or Immortality are nice defensive items for Wanwan that can help the otherwise fragile marksman stay alive in the fight. Because of her True Damage and ability to scale with enemy’s health, Wanwan doesn’t need to build fully offensive items, and building these defense items late in the game can help her stay alive long enough to pump out even more damage and win fights through the fact that she is more durable than the enemy marksman.


Wanwan’s passive ability to move in a direction while firing her Basic Attacks gives her nice mobility, especially after building some Attack Speed items.

Swallow’s Path can give Wanwan some peel if she’s being harassed or chased. It can also help her proc enemy Weaknesses that are behind them without having to put herself out of position. Use Swallow’s Path strategically; it could save your life or be the nail in the enemy’s coffin if timed correctly.

Needles in Flowers is a great defensive move that can help Wanwan escape what would kill any other marksman. The move immediately removes crowd control and triggers Tiger Pace on the enemy. The purify this move offers is an invaluable defensive skill, and it should be saved for when absolutely necessary. Use it to nullify enemy stuns and lockdowns — as a marksman, Wanwan can dish damage but can’t take much of it. Needles in Flowers will more often than not be the only reason she survives when enemies manage to control her.

Wanwan’s ultimate requires her to hit all of an enemy’s Weaknesses, but once she activates it, she can quickly plow through the entire enemy team if left unchecked. Use Crossbow of Tang to avoid enemy damage, jumping in the air and becoming untargetable. You can then rain down arrows on enemies, gaining even more attack speed and damage after successfully killing one enemy and moving to the next!

The hardest part of using Wanwan’s ultimate is activating it. Stay focused, especially in team fights, and work to proc all enemy Weaknesses so that you can then use Crossbow of Tang to destroy.


Wanwan benefits most from the Marksman emblem page, with upgrades in Bravery and Swift increasing her attack and attack speed, helping her deal more damage and be more nimble on the battlefield.

Weakness Finder allows her to bring enemies to a stand still as she fires at them, making it easier for her to proc Weaknesses and making escape pretty much impossible when using her ultimate.

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