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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Uranus in Mobile Legends

Aethereal Defender

Uranus: Aethereal Defender


Mobile Legends’ Uranus is a durable tank, focused on using powerful shields and passive healing to negate enemy damage and provide a strong line of defense for his team. He will frequently roam the map, assisting allies in lanes.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Uranus is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Uranus Builds

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Tips & Tricks

With his passive increasing his energy and speed of his health regeneration each time Uranus takes damage, he thrives on getting into the battle and taking enemy hits, allowing his allies to damage enemies safely while he distracts them.

During the early game, Uranus can support the team’s marksman and roam around the map helping allies in other lanes as well, tanking hits and turning 1v1 lanes into 2v1s. Help allies get ahead early, allowing your team to pressure objectives and take turrets.

When team fights begin, don’t hesitate to peel for allies and force enemies to attack you (as long as you have your allies to back you up!) As a tank, Uranus doesn’t have high damage output, but he can absorb it well, surviving and healing up hits while he protects his allies as they burst down enemies.


Taking the roaming mask at match start allows Uranus to roam the map and help allies without losing too much gold and experience in the process.

Demon Shoes help with mana regeneration issues that can pop up thanks to Uranus’ passive giving him good sustain.

Oracle is another core item, increasing Uranus’ regeneration effects even more. After this, build defensively based on the enemy team composition and who is performing well. 

Against heavy magic compositions or if an enemy mage is outperforming their team, build more magic defense. Otherwise, build more physical defense which will help survive late game marksman damage and other physical attack enemies.


Uranus has multiple ways to get into the fight and stay alive despite enemy attempts to kill him.

Transcendent Ward can be used to charge into enemies and unleash area of effect damage to enemies who he gets up close and personal with. Using Ionic Edge first increases damage output even further, with Uranus charging in with the energy spheres orbiting him, hitting enemies and then having the Transcendent Ward damage explode around them.

Consecration can be used after initiating if Uranus finds himself struggling to survive enemy burst damage as he initiates, greatly increasing his regeneration rates.

You can use Consecration proactively if playing aggressively, thanks to it preventing Uranus from being controlled for the duration. Coordinate with your team and work together, allowing Uranus to charge in and negate enemy crowd control spells, allowing your teammates to play without having to worry about being stunned and controlled instead.


The Support Emblem Page enables Uranus to assist his allies and tank damage consistently. Mastery grants reduced cool downs, enabling Uranus to initiate engages and use his ultimate ability more frequently.

Recovery increases his regeneration effects further, helping to make him even more of a health recovering threat.

Pull Yourself Together is a smart choice of talent for Uranus, allowing him to get up more quickly in the event of death so he can get back out and help his team. Focusing Mark can also work when coordinating with your team, helping allies output more damage when you initiate fights on enemies.

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