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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Silvanna in Mobile Legends

Imperial Knightess

Silvanna: Imperial Knightess


Mobile Legends’ Silvanna is a fighter/mage hybrid that specializes in charging in and initiating fights, locking down high priority targets and allowing her teammates to more easily focus them.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Silvanna is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Silvanna Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

Silvanna is a powerful fighter hero that deals magic damage to her enemies and uses Attack Speed to mark her targets and weaken their defenses.

Her ultimate ability is a very powerful form of crowd control that locks down enemies and forces them to be poorly positioned, allowing Silvanna to attack them freely and making it easier for her allies to follow up as well.

As a fighter, Silvanna is fairly durable, and when using her ultimate to engage she can sustain herself nicely thanks to its magic lifesteal and bonus attack speed. Early in the game, play safely until unlocking your ultimate, and then seek duels with enemies, locking them down and taking them out of the fight.


As a mage with fighter stats, Silvanna can build items pretty flexibly depending on what her team needs and how the enemy team is performing. 

Demon Shoes will help her with mana regeneration issues she may run into. Magic Shoes are another good choice, reducing her cooldowns and helping her use her abilities more often (although beware, she may have mana issues without the Demon Shoes!)

Items like Glowing Wand help her burn enemies and scale with their health, making her damage output much higher, especially when paired with late game items like Holy Crystal.

Concentrated Energy helps Silvanna sustain herself, giving her added health and lifesteal and regenerating her health upon kill.

When choosing what to build for Silvanna, look at your team composition and the enemy. If your team lacks a tank, you may need to prioritize some defensive items earlier, taking into account whether the team has more mages (requiring magic defense) or more physical heroes that require physical defense. If your team is counting on you to initiate fights and soak up damage, these early defense items will help you live long enough to kill your enemies.


Silvanna’s skills take a typical fighter’s play style, with relatively short range and a focus on crowd control and mix Magic Damage with it, forcing enemies to buy magic defense items or take the full brunt of her damage.

Cometic Lance adds a nice stun to Silvanna’s kit, perfect for initiating with its follow up AoE Damaging blink. If your team is counting on you to engage, using Cometic Lance and ensuring it lands can be a good way to poke enemies down before committing to a fight.

Spiral Strangling scales with Silvanna’s Attack Speed and can be used when she goes in, making it hard for enemies to escape her and breaking down their defenses with her passive marks.

Silvanna’s ultimate ability, Imperial Justice, needs to be used on the highest priority target that Silvanna can safely use it on. Don’t go out of position to lock down an important target, especially if your team will have trouble following up on it. With that said, still aim to lock down marksmen and mages, especially low mobility carry characters, forcing them to have no escape. You can combo Silvanna’s other skills while the enemy is trapped, virtually guaranteeing their death.


Silvanna benefits most from the Mage emblem page, with upgrades in Flow and Observation increasing her Magic Damage and Penetration, helpful for when enemies build magic resistances against her.

The Impure Rage talent enables Silvanna to get some extra burn damage off on her skills. Mystery Shop is another viable talent, allowing her to get items for cheaper.

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