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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Rafaela in Mobile Legends


Rafaela: Wings of Holiness


Mobile Legends’ Rafaela is a healing focused support hero that heals and buffs her allies, giving them powerful sustain in fights and AoE crowd controls enemies.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Rafaela is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Rafaela Builds

Courage Mask
+700 HP
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+25 Mocement Speed
Active – ‘Encourage’: Increase movement speed of hero and nearby allies by 30%. Increase Physical & Magical Attack by 20%. Lasts 3 seconds. Available every 80 seconds. After receiving Encourage buff, teammates can’t receive Conceal or Encourage again in the next 80s.
Unique Passive – ‘Bravery’: Increase 10% of Physical & Magical Attack and Physical and Magical Defense and 50% of HP & Mana Regen for nearby allies.
Unique Passive – ‘Devotion’: Grants 2 gold and EXP every 4 seconds. During the first 12 minutes of the match, nothing will be gained from minions or creeps when teammates are around you without Roaming Equipment (or those with Roaming Equipment and higher EXP/Gold.) They will share the entire EXP and Gold.
Unique Passive – ‘Thriving’: Gains an extra 25% Gold and EXP with assists. If you have the lowest gold on your team, gold gained via ‘Devotion’ is increased to 20 per 4 seconds. If you have the lowest experience on your team, EXP gained via ‘Devotion’ is increased to 35 per 4 seconds.
Demon Shoes
+30 Mana Regen
+40 Movement Speed Unique Passive – ‘Mysticism’: Kills or assists of enemy heroes restores 10% of mana. Killing minions regenerates 4% of mana.
Necklace of Durance
+65 Magic Power
+10% Magic Lifesteal
+10% Cooldown Reduction
Unique Passive – ‘Life Drain’: Skill damage reduces Regen Effect of enemies by 50% for 3 seconds.
+800 HP
+40 Physical Defense
Unique Passive – ‘Ressurect’: Upon taking fatal damage, resurrect 2 seconds later with 15% health and a 300-1000 HP shield that lasts 3 seconds (scaling with level.) 180 second cooldown.
Athena’s Shield
+900 HP
+62 Magic Defense
+20 HP Regen
Unique Passive – ‘Shield’: Grants a shield of 170-1150 HP every 30 seconds, increasing as the match goes on.
+850 HP
+42 Magic Defense
+10% Cooldown Reduction
Unique Passive – ‘Bless’: Increases shield absorption and HP regeneration effects by 30%.

Support Emblem: Agility, Recovery, Focusing Mark

Champion Stats

Deity’s Penalization

Rafaela penalizes the target who has killed her (within a certain range). She charges for 2 seconds after death and deals True Damage equal to 20% of the target’s Max HP. The attack can be blocked by other enemy heroes. Deity’s Penalization only works on enemy heroes.

Light of Retribution

Rafaela uses the power of Holy Light to deal magic damage to the three nearest enemies, revealing them for a short time and slowing them by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

If this skill hits the same target within 5 seconds, the damage is increased by 20%, stacking up to three times.

Holy Healing

Rafaela summons Holy Light to regenerate healing for herself and the most-injured nearby ally. Regenerates a secondary, smaller amount of healing for other nearby allied heroes. Increases their movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

Holy Baptism

Rafaela uses her Holy Light to punish enemies in front of her, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds, and slowing them by 40%.

Movement Speed: 245Physical Attack: 117
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 15
Magic Defense: 10HP: 2441
Mana: 545Attack Speed: 0.792
HP Regen: 36Mana Regen: 23
Basic Crit Chance: 0Skill Crit Chance: 0

Tips & Tricks

Rafaela is a support hero, and she needs to be around her allies to be effective.

Be careful to not be caught alone as most enemies will be able to kill you easily. 

Rafaela brings nice sustain to her entire team, helping greatly in team fights. Her healing ability also makes her great to stick with a marksman; both she and the marksman will be fairly squishy and can both benefit from each other’s protection.


Courage Mask helps Rafaela keep up with her allies with gold and experience and allows her to roam the map more easily. 

Demon Shoes help with her need for mana to keep her allies healed. 

After that, she can build offensively with Magic Power items, or defensively with items like Oracle to increase her healing powers.


Rafaela has no skill shots, meaning allies and enemies within the radius around her will be subject to her moves. 

Keep an eye on which allies are within range and need healing to avoid healing too soon and missing the opportunity to heal critically injured teammates.

For team fights, stay in the back line to avoid damage and keep your allies topped up. Engage with them using your ultimate ability to stun and slow enemies, making it easier for your allies to clean them up.


As a support hero, Rafaela will use the Support Emblem page most effectively. She gains movement speed and hybrid regen from Agility and Recovery.

Focusing Mark makes it easier for her allies to kill targets she has attacked. With Rafaela having no skill shots, she simply needs to be close enough to damage an enemy to mark them, making this talent even more of a no-brainer.

Rafaela Skins


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