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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Odette in Mobile Legends

Swan Princess

Odette: Swan Princess


Mobile Legends’ Swan Princess, Odette, is a poke mage specializing in inflicting Magic Damage to enemies from range and then using her enormous ultimate ability to burst them down. She is often played in a side lane.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Odette is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Odette Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Odette specializes in poking enemies down with her skills and Basic Attacks during the laning phase, and she becomes a literal hazard zone during team fights.

As a low mobility mage, Odette needs to play safely to avoid assassins and fed marksmen. Look only to engage on enemies early when you are positive it will end in a secured kill and not your own death. Poke enemies down before engaging, or assist your jungler or support when they come to help you.

When it comes to team fighting, Odette is a powerhouse that can instantly force an entire lane into a giant hazard area, making it hard for enemies to engage or escape. Coordinate with your team to plan when to best use Swan Song, and have it ready for when the enemy engages — with Odette in the middle of the fight using her ultimate, enemies will be forced to either fight to the death or flee.


Building Magic items increases Odette’s damage and can give her further utility to the team with certain passives.

Demon Shoes helps Odette with mana regeneration issues, which she will run into especially early when avoiding enemy damage properly.

Glowing Wand gives Odette a nice power spike, adding a burn to her skills that scales with enemy health. When paired with her passive, Odette can weave in massive amounts of damage from her poke skills.

Fleeting Time is another powerful item for Odette, reducing the cooldown of her ultimate on kills. With her ultimate being one of her biggest assets to her team, having it on a shorter cooldown will help her snowball her team to victory. Pick up a kill and keep your ultimate coming, forcing enemies off of objectives and helping your team secure them.


Odette’s skills work together to give her ultimate more power. During early game, poke primarily with Avian Authority and try to use Blue Nova to escape ganks and ambushes or to initiate ambushes when teammates are helping your lane.

During team fighting, use Blue Nova to stun multiple targets and follow up with Avian Authority to slow them considerably. You can then use your Swan Song to create a near inescapable hazard for the enemies.


As a poke mage, Odette uses the Mage Emblem page with skills in Flow and Observation to give her some extra power and penetration, especially helpful against smart enemies who build magic resist against her.

Choose Mystery Shop to obtain items for cheaper, a smart choice on any mage. More experienced Odette players who can reliably land her damaging skills can opt for Magic Worship, opting for further burn damage on enemies when bursting them down.

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