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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Masha in Mobile Legends

Wild-Oats Fist

Masha: Wild-Oats Fist


Mobile Legends’ Masha is an undying tank/fighter hybrid who uses multiple health bars to manipulate her own power and come back from the brink of death with invincibility.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Masha is in the Season 15 tier list.

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Tips & Tricks

Masha is a powerful fighter/tank hybrid that is capable of pushing objectives with great force, making enemy teams come to stop her. Her kit allows her to engage rapidly (or retreat) making her hard to kite and hard to catch.

Her three health bars make her hard for opponents to actually fully kill, especially if she’s able to get out of combat long enough to proc Life Recovery.

Although she’s a fighter, don’t be afraid to play Masha more like an assassin. Seek out lone targets on your way to pushing objectives and show them you are the superior duelist. Use the Arrival Spell to split push and have a global presence around the map, drawing enemies to you and relieving pressure for your team elsewhere on the map.


Masha needs to find the delicate balance of damage and durability to truly shine in combat. If she’s built too damage-focused, she won’t survive long in combat and will have a hard time pushing objectives.

Her ability to have her basic attacks deal Max HP damage to enemies (at the cost of her own health) makes Corrosion Scythe an amazing item for her. It grants her up to 40% attack speed and slows enemies, making them have a harder time kiting her out. The boosted attack speed helps her take all of their health more rapidly, therefore costing her less of her own health.

Pairing Corrosion Scythe with a Demon Hunter Sword can make Masha an insane duelist that takes virtually no damage. Demon Hunter Sword will heal her and deal bonus scaling damage while Corrosion Scythe gives her Attack Speed a steroid, making even the most tanky of opponents fall swiftly unless backup arrives.


Masha’s abilities take advantage of her multiple health bars and enable her to play as a push-focused fighter, seeking out one-on-one duels with enemies and chasing them down as they flee from her.

Wild Power makes Masha hard for ranged heroes to kite out once she gets up close with them, and the enhanced damage helps keep her relevant through all stages of the game, regardless of whether she builds heavy attack or not. Once she has a few items that help her life steal, the health lost by having Wild Power active should be negligible. Use it to chase down enemies as well as run away long enough to proc Life Recovery if you’ve taken too much damage.

Howl Shock can disarm opponents and slow them, making it even easier to follow up with Wild Power.

Masha’s ultimate ability, Thunderclap, is a truly powerful skill that comes with a heavy cost — 30% of her current health bar. When catching up to her enemies, Masha will unleash the Thunderclap, dealing scaling damage based on their health and slowing them by 90%, allowing for easy followup with Wild Power. She’ll also enjoy a nice damage reduction for a few seconds.


Despite being a fighter tank, Masha can play like an assassin and use the Assassin Emblem page successfully. Bravery and Invasion will increase her attack and penetration, making it even easier for her to take down targets, including enemy tanks.

High and Dry increases her damage when dueling, perfect for her split-push playstyle.

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