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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Martis in Mobile Legends

Ashura King

Martis: Ashura King


Mobile Legends’ Martis is an offensive fighter, capable of bursting enemies and cleaning up messy fights with area of effect damage and crowd control.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Martis is in the Season 15 tier list.

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Tips & Tricks

Martis uses Spell Vamp and his passive attack speed steroid to becoming an undying monster when played properly. His status as a fighter allows him to take damage and inflict it, making it easy for him to charge in and pick apart low health targets in the middle of team fights.

Because Martis is a fighter, he’s not as durable as an actual tank, meaning he should not engage or start fights (unless your team has no tank.) Martis’ ultimate charge allows him to target low health targets and essentially execute them, resetting its cooldown, making it perfect for him to engage after the enemy team has been poked down.

Try not to start fights when the enemies are on full health, having your team defend and poke if possible. If your team has no tank and need you to be the one starting fights and initiating brawls, communicate with allies, especially poke mages and marksmen, that Martis works best on reaping enemies who have been poked down a bit first.


Martis wants to have a healthy mix of defensive and Spell Vamp items with pure offense to increase both his sustainability and damage output. 

Bloodlust Axe and Blade of Despair are core items that enable this aggressive reaping playstyle, helping Martis have increased Spell Vamp and greatly increased Attack. This allows him to charge in and shrug off enemy retaliation when using his ultimate to execute low targets.

Warrior Boots are a great choice for Martis, increasing his defenses in brawls. Tough Boots can also work well against heavy magic team compositions or at times when Martis is likely to face high amounts of crowd control that would be hard to avoid.


Martis is able to use his Ashura Aura to displace enemies, pulling them together to the center of where he aims the ability. This can be great when paired with teammate’s abilities and crowd control. Try to catch enemies out of position and lock them down, enabling your teammates to better poke and engage on them.

Mortal Coil allows Martis to engage on enemies without fear of being controlled. The direction of the ability can be changed once during cast; don’t be afraid to practice thoroughly how to best displace enemies, knocking high priority targets out of position and making it harder for them to escape.

Dragging enemies in with Ashura Aura and then engaging on them with the multiple hits of Mortal Coil can help Martis stack his passive attack speed, allowing him to start inflicting heavy damage on enemies within his range.

Enemies can be finished off with Decimation, a move that helps Martis avoid being kited too heavily and can help him run through entire enemy teams, decimating them all one by one.


Martis benefits most from the Assassin emblem page, allowing him to play aggressively and rack up kills with upgrades in Bravery and Bloodthirst giving him physical attack and Spell Vamp.

The Bounty Hunter talent grants extra gold for kills, helping Martis hit power spikes earlier and create a gold advantage, becoming stronger than his enemies even faster.

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