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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Lesley in Mobile Legends


Lesley: Sniper


Mobile Legends’ Sniper Lesley is a marksman with assassin-like quality, using stealth and extremely long range to lock-on to targets and take them out swiftly.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Lesley is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Lesley Builds

Swift Boots
+15% Attack Speed
+40 Movement Speed
+40% Attack Speed
+20 Movement Speed
+10% Crit Chance
Unique Passive – ‘Typhoon’: Every 5 seconds, Basic Attacks hit 3 enemy units and deal 150 points of Magic Damage. Cooldown drops as Crit chance rises, and Damage rises with Attack Speed. Deals 100% more damage to Minions. Each time Typhoon is cast, one’s movement speed is increased by 5% for a short time.
Berserker’s Fury
+65 Physical Attack
+25% Crit Chance
+40% Crit Damage
Unique Passive – ‘Doom’: Critical hits increase the hero’s physical attack by 5% for 2 seconds.
Scarlet Phantom
+30 Physical Attack
+20% Attack Speed
+25% Crit Chance
Unique Passive – ‘Frenzy’: Critical hits increase the hero’s attack speed by 30% and crit chance by 5% for 2 seconds.
Endless Battle
+65 Physical Attack
+25 Mana Regen
+250 HP
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+5% Movement Speed
+15% Physical Lifesteal
Unique Passive – ‘Divine Justice’: After using a skill, the next basic attack will deal an extra 70% of Physical Attack as True Damage. 1.5s cooldown.
Unique Passive – ‘Chase Fate’: When Divine Justice is triggered, it increases the hero’s movement speed by 10%.
Blade of Despair
+170 Physical Attack
+5% Movement Speed
Unique Passive – ‘Despair’: Attacking enemy units with less than 50% health increases the hero’s Physical Attack by 25% for 2 seconds. Takes effect before damage is dealt.

Assassin Emblem: Mastery, Invasion, Bounty Hunter

Champion Stats

Lethal Shot

Hitting an enemy with a basic attack grants Lesley 5 points of energy. If Lesley doesn’t take damage for 5 seconds, her next Basic Attack has longer range and 40% Crit Rate with 1.3x damage.

Using any skill resets the cooldown of Lethal Shot.

Each point of Physical Penetration Lesley obtains is converted into 1% extra Crit rate. Physical Penetration percentage is not affected.

Master of Camouflage

Lesley enters a camouflaged state for 3 seconds, increasing her movement speed by 30% and Physical Attack by 50-200.

Dealing or taking damage ends the state. Enemies can detect Lesley’s camouflage through distortions of their surroundings.

Tactical Grenade

Lesley throws a grenade forward, exploding in a fan-shaped area in front of her, dealing Physical Damage to enemies and knocking both her and them back in opposite directions slightly.

Using this skill instantly cancels Ultimate Snipe and releases a fatal bullet. Extra attacks will only be launched if fatal bullets have not finished firing.

Ultimate Snipe

Lesley locks onto an enemy hero and fires 4 Fatal Bullets, dealing 200-300(+80% Extra Physical Attack) plus 5% of the target’s lost health as Physical Damage.

Each bullet that hits a target grants her 10 Energy. Bullets can be blocked by other enemy heroes.

Movement Speed: 240Physical Attack: 131
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 14
Magic Defense: 10HP: 2490
Mana: 0Attack Speed: 0.826
HP Regen: 36Mana Regen: 0
Basic Crit Chance: 0Skill Crit Chance: 0

Tips & Tricks

Lesley uses stealth and burst damage to harass and poke enemies at range. By using her passive to gain increased damage and range and resetting it with her skills, Lesley can pump out massive amounts of damage very quickly from a marksman’s range, making her a deadly sniper assassin/marksman hybrid.

During the early laning phase, use your range advantage to poke enemies without taking damage yourself. Whittle them down and zone them off of minion waves, causing them to lose experience and gold in the process.

In team fights, Lesley is able to stay back safely, firing heavy sustained damage onto the enemy frontline and sniping low health targets in the backline. 


Swift Boots are the natural choice for a marksman, and Lesley is no exception. They grant her increase movement speed that pairs nicely with her camouflage and allow her to basic attack faster. 

Windtalker is another good item for her, giving her some Magic Damage in her kit and movement speed on the item’s passive, which can be helpful in both escaping enemy fire and pursuing low health targets to lock your sniper rifle onto.


As a Marksman, Lesley’s primary goal is to stay in the back line of team fights and Basic Attack the nearest enemy, giving her team prolonged sustained damage to win fights after burst damage has been pumped out and enemy cooldowns have been exhausted.

Master of Camouflage allows her to both ambush enemies and flee thanks to its movement speed and camouflage. Lesley cannot be targeted by basic attacks in this state, perfect for escaping when being pursued by enemies.

Tactical Grenade is a nice pushback that can help Lesley reposition when enemies get too close. Save it if you know enemies have highly mobile assassins or tanks that will be seeking to jump on you. Otherwise, it can be used to chain reset Lethal Shot for increased burst damage in fights.

Ultimate Snipe is a very powerful ultimate that allows Lesley to execute targets from unprecedented range. When locking onto a target, Lesley will continue to fire bullets that seek them out, no matter how far away they run. Enemies can block the bullets for their allies, but if a lone target is fleeing on low health, there’s no escaping Lesley!

Be sure to save your ultimate ability for low enemies — especially mages and enemy marksmen. It’s added damage on missing health gives it extreme power against low health targets who are trying to escape the battle and recall to base.


Despite being primarily a marksman, Lesley benefits most from the Assassin emblem page, with upgrades in Bravery and Doom giving her boosted Physical Attack and Penetration.

The Bounty Hunter talent grants extra gold for kills, helping Lesley ramp up more quickly, snowballing ahead of her enemies.

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