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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Leomord in Mobile Legends

Hell Knight

Leomord: Hell Knight


Mobile Legends’ Leomord is a fighter focused on pushing objectives and bursting enemies down, charging in on his horse and using powerful area of effect damage.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Leomord is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Leomord Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

Leomord charges into battle with his trusty steed, Barbiel, allowing his allies to easily push objectives as he bursts down enemies. As a fighter, Leomord has decent defenses and can gain a shield on momentum, but his primary focus is to ride into battle and beat enemies down.

Leomord is at his strongest when he has his Phantom Steed ultimate ability active, allowing him to enhance his moves and defenses. Try to coordinate with your team to plan engages with it ready to go.

Play safe in the early stages of the game to gear up for team fights. Hop on Barbiel and lead your team into battle. Remember that as a fighter, Leomord is not the most durable — a tank will be far better suited to shrug off enemy burst damage. Try to engage with (or after) your tank for better team fights. If your team doesn’t have a tank, work with your team so that they know when you will be pushing and can assist you.


A mix of defensive and offensive items allow Leomord to maximize his fighter characteristics, allowing him to shrug off enemy hits through Spell Vamp and heal up as he damages enemies.

Warrior Boots allow Leomord to boost his defenses when fighting with enemies, working nicely alongside his ultimate’s defensive boosts. Tough Boots are another nice option against particularly magic heavy enemy teams or ones where Leomord may be faced with lots of crowd control when he initiates.

Bloodlust Axe is a great first item for Leomord, giving him both higher attack and boosted Spell Vamp, allowing him to sustain himself in drawn out fights much better.

Queen’s Wings also works nicely for him, giving him even beefier defenses when his health gets low and offering him increased lifesteal, allowing him to come to the brink of death and then heal himself back up just by getting in and laying waste to his enemies.

After that, build according to the enemy team and your team’s needs. If you need to be more tanky and frontline for your team, consider further defensive options. Otherwise, feel free to build more attack and life steal items like Blade of Despair and Endless Battle.


Leomord’s abilities are very telegraphed, making it pretty easy for enemies to avoid them unless Leomord is right up in their face pressuring them.

Momentum grants Leomord an immediate shield, helpful for protecting him as he charges the ability up to increase its damage. Its real value comes in its slow, so don’t be afraid to charge it for less time if you are more confident the slow will land, allowing you and allies to more easily chase down and damage enemies.

Decimation Assault allows Leomord a quick dash that can be used to gap close and ambush enemies. 

Engaging with Phantom Steed is where Leomord’s bread and butter comes, allowing him to knock enemies off Barbiel’s path, slowing them and speeding him up.

Use Phantom Steed to clear areas where fights are breaking out and knock back enemies that may be about to engage on valued allies. Hop on Barbiel and let the fight begin, rallying your allies around you and enjoying your boosted speed and defense.


Leomord benefits most from the Assassin emblem page, which grants increased physical stats and Spell Vamp. Upgrades in Agility and Bloodthirst allow Leomord to move faster, making it harder for him to be kited with his low effective melee range and increasing his spell vamp.

The Bounty Hunter talent grants extra gold for kills, helping Leomord acquire his items more quickly, creating a gold advantage that helps him push harder and faster as the enemy struggles to keep up.

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