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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Kimmy in Mobile Legends

Splat Queen

Kimmy: Splat Queen


Mobile Legends’ Kimmy is a magic dealing marksman. She uses her spray gun to barrage enemies with constant attacks, using skills that enhance her gun.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Kimmy is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Kimmy Builds

Raptor Machete
+30 Physical Attack
+15% Physical PEN
+50% Damage to Monsters
Unique Passive – ‘Breakout’: Every 10 seconds, the next basic attack will deal a minimum extra 50 points of True Damage (increasing with level) and slow enemies by 30% for one second. Using basic attacks reduces the cooldown.
Unique Passive – ‘Greed’: Gain 25% extra EXP when jungling. After killing creeps, restore 4% HP and 10% Mana.
Unique Passive – ‘Gorge’: Killing creeps increases Physical Attack by 4. Stacks 15 times.
Unique Passive: Makes Retribution Battle Spell applicable to enemy heroes, reducing their movement speed by 70% and dealing a small amount of True Damage over 3 seconds. Buying other advanced jungling equipment disables this effect.
Arcane Boots
+15 Magic Penetration
+40 Movement Speed
Blade of Despair
+170 Physical Attack
+5% Movement Speed
Unique Passive – ‘Despair’: Attacking enemy units with less than 50% health increases the hero’s Physical Attack by 25% for 2 seconds. Takes effect before damage is dealt.
Glowing Wand
+75 Magic Power
+400 HP
+5% Movement Speed
Unique Passive – ‘Scorch’: Damage from skills burns targets for 3 seconds, dealing 1%/1.75%/2.5% of the target’s Max HP as Magic Damage increasing per second. 10 Damage minimum.
Ice Queen Wand
+75 Magic Power
+10% Magic Lifesteal
+150 Mana
+7% Movement Speed
Unique Passive – ‘Ice Bound’: Damaging an enemy hero with a skill slows them by 15%. Lasts 3 seconds. Stacks twice.
Holy Crystal
+100 Magic Power
Unique Passive – ‘Mystery’: Increases Magic Attack by 21%-35% scaling with level.

Jungle Emblem: Thrill, Iron, Mage Killer

Champion Stats

Chemist’s Instinct

Kimmy can move and aim other directions while using her Spray Gun, but her accuracy decreases. Her Spray Gun enjoys 50% of Physical Lifesteal effects. Attack Speed buffs are converted into Movement Speed on Kimmy.

Energy Transformation

Kimmy’s Basic Attack becomes charged into a Chemical Ball. Each ball deals Magic Damage. If Kimmy fails to hit a target, the chemical explodes upon traveling a distance, dealing the same damage to nearby enemies. Only enjoys 40% of Spell Vamp.

Use Again: Return to normal Basic Attack.

Chemical Refinement

Kimmy shoots out an enhanced chemical spray that pushes her backwards a small distance. The spray then falls down to the ground, contaminating the area. Enemies who walk on the contaminated areas take Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds and are slowed by 40%. Kimmy regenerates energy using this skill.

Maximum Charge

Kimmy creates Luminous Chemical Attacks after charging. Kimmy’s Luminescent Attack travels a certain distance, dealing Magic Damage to the enemy hit and enemies nearby. Kimmy regenerates 30 points of energy if hitting a target with Maximum Charge.

Movement Speed: 245Physical Attack: 90
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 22
Magic Defense: 10HP: 2450
Mana: 100Attack Speed: 0.826
HP Regen: 40Mana Regen: 0
Basic Crit Chance: 0Skill Crit Chance: 0

Tips & Tricks

Kimmy’s Hybrid Damage stats allow her to bring sustained magic damage to her team from range. Because of her magic damage skills, she is a less than ideal addition to a team already heavy in magic damage, but can shine against enemies who are unlikely to build magic resistance or on teams that are lacking reliable magic damage.

Her rapid auto attacks and hybrid damage also make it easy for her to find a home in the jungle, enabling her to ramp up and become a late game carry, solving the problem that assassin junglers have of being less effective late game.


Taking the jungle item on Kimmy enables her to more easily secure buffs and creeps and roam the map. If playing Kimmy in lane, she can quickly push the wave and then farm camps until the next wave arrives.

After that, Kimmy needs a hybrid build to get the most out of her hybrid scaling. Blade of Despair is the most obvious Physical Attack item for her, giving her a massive boost of attack in just one item. This frees her up to build more magic items instead, enhancing her magic damage considerably with items like Holy Crystal.


Despite dealing Magic Damage, Kimmy has a typical marksman’s kit, focusing on her Basic Attacks for damage. 

Energy Transformation allows her to enhance her Basic Attacks, allowing her to spray large chemical balls dealing Magic Damage with her gun.

Chemical Refinement gives Kimmy a nice bit of self-peel, allowing her to push back from enemies who get too close to her and slowing them in the process. This is the immobile Kimmy’s only form of escape, and even it may not be enough to save her against more mobile opponents.

Maximum Charge, Kimmy’s ultimate ability, allows Kimmy to throw a long-ranged chemical attack at an enemy dealing burst damage. With its charge up, this is a move meant to snipe enemies that are fleeing, perfect for the slow-moving Kimmy that is rather incapable of chasing after enemies successfully.


Kimmy’s hybrid damage scalings enable her to take the Jungle Emblem page with success. Thrill gives her Hybrid Attack points, and Iron gives her a damage reduction against monsters, allowing her to push waves and farm in the jungle without taking too much damage before rejoining the fight.

Mage Killer allows her to deal enhanced damage to jungle objectives, perfect for helping her team secure them easily. She’ll also take reduced damage from them, helping her to output more sustained damage to high priority jungle objectives as a fragile marksman.

Kimmy Skins


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