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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Khufra in Mobile Legends

Desert Tyrant

Khufra: Desert Tyrant


Mobile Legends’ Khufra is a powerful tank hero who can start team fights and use powerful crowd control abilities to lock down enemies for his teammates to engage upon.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Khufra is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Khufra Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Khufra shines through his abilities that allow him to crowd control enemies, stop their mobility and heal himself, making him a great frontline tank that can start fights and force enemies to handle him while his team safely hits them from range.

Because of his durable nature as a tank, Khufra can safely wander the map early, helping allies across lanes and assisting them by controlling enemies for them to follow up with damage.

In team fights, Khufra can lead the charge with his allies, disrupting the enemy team and sieging objectives with his allies.


As a tank, Khufra can take the roaming mask early so that he doesn’t fall behind in gold and experience while roaming the map and helping his allies. 

Warrior Boots or Tough Boots are a good choice for Khufra, allowing him to take some defensive measures while in combat.

Items like Athena’s Shield and Immortality boost Khufra’s survivability. When building items, go for defensive tank items that will increase Khufra’s ability to stay up in fights, allowing him to proc his passive heal more often to sustain himself. 

To do this, build smart. If the enemy team is mostly mages (or has a fed mage) consider building more magic defense early. Late-game marksmen can tear through a tank with ease, making Khufra need more Physical Defense if that’s the case. Analyze the enemy team and your own team’s needs, and try to fill them as best as possible.


Khufra’s passive is centered around him getting into fights, controlling enemies, and enhancing his attacks so that he can heal up and dish out more damage while doing so. Khufra’s abilities scale with his health, allowing him to live longer and output more damage by building defensively.

Tyrant’s Revenge can be used to initiate fights when you’re ready to go in with your team. Coordinate with allies so that they can follow up on the airborne and stuns that Khufra can provide.

Bouncing Ball can be a great tool to use mid-fight, either after initiating when enemies are trying to use mobility spells to escape, or when peeling for allies who assassins or other mobile heroes may be trying to jump on. Launching yourself into the middle of the enemy team, knocking them up and slowing them by 80% with Bouncing Ball will make it hard for them to escape, especially with your teammates pressuring them as well.

Khufra’s ultimate ability, Tyrant’s Rage, allows him to displace enemies and stun them against terrain. This is another great crowd control tool at Khufra’s disposal, and chaining it with your other skills can lock targets down and keep Khufra’s passive on a low cooldown.


Khufra benefits most from the Tank emblem page. Analyze the enemy team when choosing optimal talents. Firmness and Fortress provide additional physical defense, good for late game when marksmen are coming into their power spikes. Magic Defense talents may also be needed, though.

Tenacity enables Khufra’s to better get into the fight, survive burst damage, and heal up with his passive thanks to its defense boosts when he gets low.

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