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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Kaja in Mobile Legends

Nazar King

Kaja: Nazar King


Mobile Legends’ Nazar is a durable support character that acts as a fighter for his team, charging into fights, stealing enemy defenses and suppressing them.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Kaja is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Kaja Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Kaja is a damage focused support/fighter hybrid, one who uses his lightning damage on enemies and uses his powerful ultimate on high priority targets to swing the course of battle in his team’s favor.

As a support hero, it’s important for Kaja to assist his allies across the map. Look for opportunities to get your team ahead, especially after reaching level four and unlocking your ultimate ability.

In team fights, peel for more fragile enemy teammates and initiate fights when grouped up with your team. Try to suppress and reduce the most valuable member of the enemy team to ensure victory.


As a Support/Fighter Hybrid with magic damage, Kaja builds items most support and fighter heroes would not.

Start the battle with your mask so that you don’t lose too much gold and experience roaming and helping allies. Upgrading it to Shadow Mask gives your team limitless opportunities for ambushes and stealth engages.

Items like Fleeting Time are key for Kaja to have his ultimate ability up when fights break out, allowing him to reduce the cooldown after kills or assists. Kaja’s ultimate is the most powerful part of his kit, and Fleeting Time allows you to use it more proactively.

Genius Wand allows Kaja to further reduce enemy magic defense, making it easier for his teammates to secure the kill on the enemy he chooses. 

Immortality helps him maintain uptime on the battlefield and can save him in a pinch when teamfights go wrong.


Kaja’s abilities focus around damaging and slowing enemies, with his Wrath Sanction enhancing his basic attacks.

When assisting allies, use Ring of Order to engage, slowing enemies and reducing Wrath Sanction’s cooldown. You can then charge in with Lightning Bomb, closing the gap and allowing you to use Divine Judgement to suppress the enemy, allowing your ally to follow up and kill them.

For team fights, use the same combo but pick your target carefully for Divine Judgement. It can be difficult to throw yourself into a tight group of enemies (so make sure you have backup!) Picking the enemy most capable of destroying you and your team (ie. a fed mage or a marksman) will help your team win the fight if you can lock them down with Divine Judgement.

Try to engage in team fights after or with a tank, allowing them to bait out enemy crowd control moves, making it easier for you to get in and lock down the enemy carry.


While also a fighter, Kaja is primarily support for his allies and uses the Support Emblem. Points in Mastery reduce his cooldowns, allowing him to use Divine Judgement more frequently for team fights. Recovery increases his regeneration, making him a but more durable of a fighter.

Pull Yourself Together is a great talent for Kaja, allowing him to get back into the fight more quickly after death. As a support who charges into fights rather than defending from the back lines, Kaja may inevitably die when facing enemies of similar skill. Try to always pick smart engages that don’t result in death, but enjoy Pull Yourself Together’s quicker respawn just in case.

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