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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Johnson in Mobile Legends


Johnson: Mustang


Mobile Legends’ Johnson is a durable tank that thrives on initiating fights with powerful crowd control abilities, helping his teammates secure objectives in the process. He is most often played as a roaming support.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Johnson is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Johnson Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

The high mobility on Johnson’s ultimate (and the ability to bring an ally with him) makes him a unique tank, and his AoE crowd control abilities make him a powerful asset to his team when played properly.

As a tank, Johnson is able to jump into a fight and push objectives, but he needs allies with him to deal damage while he controls enemies for them. 

During the laning phase, roam around the map and help allies who are in trouble (or help allies raise trouble by forcing fights that are to your team’s advantage.)

When team fights begin to break out, group up with your allies and unleash devastation on the enemy team. Remember to protect the damage dealers on your team who are performing well and always fight over objectives. Win fights that secure towers and jungle objectives like Turtle and Lord to help your team win the game.


Johnson wants to build as much Physical Defense as possible, because his moves deal Magic Damage scaling with this stat. 

Start with your Support Item, Courage Mask, to better enable you to roam around the map helping allies without losing much gold or experience. 

Then build your Warrior Boots, adding to your Physical Defense.  Blade Armor is another great item for Johnson, raising his physical defense and helping him reflect Basic Attack damage on enemies.

Don’t forget to build some Magic Resistance though (especially if the enemy team is heavy with mages.) Items like Athena’s Shield can help Johnson not be burst down too easily by mages.


It’s Johnson’s job to get into the thick of a fight and crowd control enemies for his allies. 

Don’t be afraid to initiate fights for your allies with your ultimate ability. Enemies can be further controlled with Deadly Pincers.

Electromag Rays can be used to apply AoE magic damage to enemies — and don’t forget, Johnson can use his other skills and Basic Attacks while it’s active!


Tank Emblems help Johnson beef up as much as possible (which also helps his damage output!) Firmness and Fortress both boost his Physical Defense. 

Brave Smite restores health when crowd controlling enemies, perfect for Johnson. All of his moves apply slows, stuns, etc. on enemies.

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