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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Jawhead in Mobile Legends

Steel Sweetheart

Jawhead: Steel Sweetheart


Mobile Legends’ Jawhead is a durable fighter, suited for charging into battle and bursting enemies down. Jawhead’s lock-on crowd control and durable stats allows for them to be played in the jungle or a side lane.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Jawhead is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Jawhead Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

Jawhead can be an unstoppable menace to the enemy team, coming in, locking onto targets and sending them back to base with a respawn timer. Their fighter attributes allow them to dish damage out as well as take it, perfect for charging into unsuspecting enemies and stirring up trouble.

When jungling, look to roam often, assisting allies, especially after hitting level 4 and unlocking your ultimate ability. Take jungle creeps and help your teammates push towers, taking objectives and challenging those who try to stop you.


Jawhead is able to build diversely depending on what their team needs. If your team needs someone to soak up more damage, defensive items can help Jawhead tank more damage (and their passive attack steroid won’t sacrifice too much damage in the process.)

When getting ahead early, Jawhead can opt for more damage items instead, continuing to steamroll opponents and taking objectives with ease. Opt for a mix of damage and defense for tense fights.

Rapid Boots allow Jawhead to have great roaming capabilities, allowing them to be all over the map as necessary to help their team. 

Hunter Strike is another great item for Jawhead, allowing them to passively increase their movement speed when hitting champions (or even creeps, perfect for ganking lanes after farming jungle camps.) Hunter Strike helps Jawhead to not be kited out by marksmen and high mobility champions.


Jawhead’s abilities help them get into the fight swiftly and control enemies, making it easier for Jawhead and their allies to take them down.

Smart Missiles add some damage to their skill set, so use this skill after engaging on targets with allies.

To initiate engages, communicate with your team so they can take advantage of your crowd control. Aim for high priority targets, and use Ejector to gain even more movement speed and a shield, perfect for running up to targets and flinging them out of position and into your team.

Be careful with Ejector and use it wisely, remembering that you can fling your own teammates as well. This is perfect for launching a fellow initiator into the enemy team for devastating results, but it can quickly turn south if you accidentally hurl a support hero or fragile marksman into the enemy team!

Jawhead’s Unstoppable Force enables them to stun enemies and knock back their teammates, perfect for isolating a target and helping your teammates bust them down. As always, aim for priority targets, but do so safely — your valuable control abilities are perfect for initiating fights, but don’t die in the process!


With great movement speed buffs and the ability to roam the map swiftly, Jawhead can take the Assassin Emblem page. Agility increases their movement speed even more, and Invasion adds some Physical Penetration to their kit.

High and Dry is a great talent for boosting damage, especially useful when seeking out lone targets and dueling them. Take this when seeking to invade the enemy jungle often against junglers that you are positive you can handle in a duel.

Bounty Hunter is another smart choice for the assassin emblem page, allowing Jawhead to snowball off early kills and create gold advantages.

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