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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Hilda in Mobile Legends

Power of Megalith

Hilda: Power of Megalith


Mobile Legends’ Hilda is a fighter/tank hybrid that combines health regeneration with damage, making for a mix of durability and offense on the battlefield. She is often played in a side lane.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Hilda is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Hilda Builds

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Tips & Tricks

While Hilda is naturally tanky, a lot of her durability comes from her health regeneration and the increased boosts to it that she gains from her passive.

During the laning phase, use the bush to regenerate health faster and gain shields before trading with your enemy. 

Every two minutes, Hilda can massively regenerate her health, saving her in a pinch. Try to not fall below the 30% health threshold too early; it will be a valuable part of team fighting that can help keep you up when your allies need you there absorbing damage.


As a Tank/Fighter, Hilda doesn’t have remarkable damage, but makes up for it with her ability to take damage unflinchingly. Building items that increase her health and defense help make her an even bigger monster that the enemy team needs to take down.

Warrior Boots are a natural choice, making Hilda even more durable. Cursed Helmet also enables her to have more health and deal AoE damage to nearby enemies, perfect for clearing minion waves as well as when jumping into a cluster of enemies in the thick of a team fight.

Blade Armor helps her counter marksmen, reflecting Basic Attack damage back at them. 

Remember to build wisely based on the enemy team composition and who is performing well. This should be one of the top factors deciding whether you build defensive items that give you more Physical or Magical defense.


As a melee fighter, Hilda needs to get up close and personal with her enemies. Combat Ritual helps with this, speeding her up and enhancing her Baisc Attacks to make it more worthwhile to engage.

After speeding up and engaging, Art of Hunting helps her lock onto an enemy, getting in some AoE damage and crowd control. 

Hilda’s ultimate ability has some burst damage to it, enhanced by kills and assists. Be fearless in team fights, helping your teammates secure kills and becoming more powerful in the process.


Tank Emblems help Hilda take advantage of her passive and be more durable in team fights. Firmness and Shield can increase her Physical or Magic Damage, depending on the enemy team composition. (Go with Physical Defense if unsure.)

Inspire allows Hilda some cooldown reduction, allowing her to engage and enhance her attacks more frequently.

Tenacity gives her added defenses when falling low on health, making her even harder to burst down, especially when the second part of her passive procs.

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