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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Harith in Mobile Legends

Time Traveler

Harith: Time Traveler


Mobile Legends’ Harith is a time traveling mage, capable of charging into battle and bursting down key enemies, escaping untouched thanks to his high mobility and magic damage.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Harith is in the Season 15 tier list.

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Tips & Tricks

Harith is an extremely quick mage that is able to manipulate time and dash around the battlefield. You should be using your mobility to your advantage, dodging enemy skills and landing your own, making it harder for your enemies to predict where you will be attacking them from.

Unlike more immobile mages, Harith has less poke in his kit, needing to be more up close and personal to dish out damage. He lacks heavy burst, with his moves instead centered around him being hard for enemies to lock down (with his own passive even reducing his time spent under crowd control.) 

Your job is to damage enemies and force them to chase after you as you zip around the battlefield, impossible to catch, distracting them from more fragile allies in team fights.


Because of his close range fighting style, unusual for a mage, Harith builds offensively and defensively so as to not be a true glass cannon.

For movement, Magic Shoes give Harith reduced cooldowns, perfect for allowing him to remain mobile at all times and spam his skills as he dashes around.

Calamity Reaper and Feather of Heaven work with Harith’s Chrono Dash to further enhance his Basic Attacks, giving them even more powerful magic damage.

Defensively, items like Concentrated Energy and Blood Wings allow Harith to sustain himself better in team fights and not be so easy to burst down due to his fragile nature as a mage. Because he is a mage that lacks significant burst damage and crowd control, Harith needs to offer his team sustained magic damage — so he has to survive enemy burst damage at all cost by using his mobility and defensive items.


As a mage, most of Harith’s damage comes from his skills. Unlike other mages, though, he also has a significant Basic Attack buff that, when used with items in his build, can give him significant power from his Basic Attacks as well.

Synchro Fission allows Harith to poke at enemies and damage them from slight range. The phantom Hariths create a nice distraction, enabling Harith to use his Chrono Dash and confuse enemies even more in the midst of chaotic team fights.

Chrono Dash is Harith’s bread and butter, giving him nice mobility, shields, enhancing his basic attacks and even reducing its own cooldown. When using Chrono Dash, make sure to immediately follow up with a Basic Attack against an enemy, thereby lowering the dash’s cooldown and inflicting high magic damage upon them.

Harith’s ultimate ability, Zaman Force, helps him to be even more mobile. Use it and follow up with Chrono Dash to keep cooldowns even lower, allowing for consistent mobility in fights. The constant up time of Chrono Dash also allows Harith to output high magic damage with his Basic Attacks when they are used repeatedly after dashing.

Use Zaman Force in areas around where fights are breaking out, allowing you to dash through the force and back out, consistently lowering cooldowns while simultaneously dealing damage and avoiding enemy fire.


As a mage, the Mage Emblem page works best for Harith. Agility gives him increased movement speed, perfect for times when he needs to run around without Chrono Dash or allowing him to position himself more quickly to use it properly.

Observation increases Magic Penetration, allowing his sustained damage to pierce through enemy armor better.

Mystery Shop is a great choice for mage heroes, allowing items to be purchased for cheaper. Impure Rage also works for Harith, inflicting extra damage when using skills that can add up, especially when paired with the enhanced damage from his Chrono Dash.

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