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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Gord in Mobile Legends

Professor of the Mystics

Gord: Professor of the Mystics


Mobile Legends’ Gord is a damage-oriented Mage that uses powerful magical special moves to both poke and burst down enemies.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Gord is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Gord Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

Gord has good poke and high burst damage with low mobility, making it important to be in a good position at all times. Gord is vulnerable to assassins and crowd control; if he is caught somewhere he shouldn’t be, he’ll have no means of escape.

During the laning phase, play carefully through the creep wave and know your opponent’s cooldowns and range. Poke them down before going in for the kill, or wait until a jungler or support ally comes in to help you play aggressively.

In teamfights, stay in the backlines while the durable tanks and fighters draw most of the attention. Use your skills on important targets and try to take out the enemy’s damage dealers as best as you can without getting yourself killed in the process.


Demon shoes help Gord with early mana regeneration problems, enabling him to further spam his abilities and poke enemies from a safe distance.

After that, Glowing Wand and Ice Queen Wand give Gord some nice magic damage and sustaining measures to help him survive into the team fighting stage. 

Late game items like Holy Crystal will greatly improve his damage abilities and Immortality will offer a nice bit of health and ressurection that can swing a teamfight gone wrong.


Gord’s Mystic Projectile has nice range and can be used to stun key targets in the enemy backline. Use it wisely to take out key players for a few seconds so that your team can focus them more easily. Use it during laning to annoy your opponent and poke them out.

Mystic Injunction is a nice hazard and zoning tool. Placing it in the middle of a brawling team forces enemies to either retreat or take considerable damage. This can also be used during laning to force your opponent off the minion wave or chip them down for trying to come too close.

Mystic Gush is a powerful ultimate ability when used properly. Using it in the middle of a teamfight can make it do massive damage. While it can be tempting to use it on enemies as they flee, keep in mind the ability’s range. If you use it too far away and the enemy blinks or uses a mobility spell to walk out of range, it’s been essentially wasted.


Gord benefits from the Mage Emblem page, with points in Movement Speed and Magic Power.

Mystery Shop is always a smart choice for mages, helping them purchase items at a reduced price. 

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