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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends

Mighty Legend

Gatotkaca: Mighty Legend


Mobile Legends’ Gatotkaca is a durable tank specializing in powerful crowd control abilities perfect for initiating fights and laying waste to enemies. He is often played in a supportive role, roaming the map and helping allies make plays.

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Gatotkaca is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Gatotkaca Builds

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Tips & Tricks

Gatotkaca is a tank specializing in locking enemies down, allowing his allies to finish them off while he taunts them into attacking him. His regeneration and damage reflection make him a force to be reckoned with when played optimally.

In the early game, roam the map and help allies, especially after hitting level four and gaining your ultimate ability. Once team fights start to break out, rally your teammates and initiate fights out out of position enemies, taunting them to death!


Getting the Courage Mask early helps Gatotkaca roam the map and assist his allies without sacrificing too much experience and gold in the process. This will allow you to keep minions off your towers around the map and help your allies initiate fights on their lane matchup. 

Warrior Boots are a good defensive item for Gatotkaca that allows him to roam even faster early. Purchase them, especially against hypercarry marksmen or mostly physical damage teams. Tough Boots are another smart choice, especially against magic heavy enemy comps or ones where lots of crowd control is likely to be thrown out on Gatotkaca when he initiates fights.

Cursed Helmet is another good item, allowing him to jump into fights and deal continuous AoE damage. This, paired with Blade Armor makes Gatotkaca and his taunt especially intimidating. When taunted, enemies while Basic Attack Gatotkaca, and the Blade Armor will reflect even more damage back at them while the Cursed Helmet applies Magic Damage for them being near him.


Gatotkaca’s skills are all about forcing enemies to fight him.

His Unbreakable ability needs to be charged for maximum effect before he charges into the fight. Coordinate with allies before charging so that they are ready to damage enemies as you taunt them into hitting you.

Avatar of the Guardian can be used as another initiator or you can use its range as a follow up to further lock down enemies after the taunt ends and they flee. Be sure to try and chain Gatotkaca’s crowd controlling abilities to allow your allies to take full advantage of the enemies’ inability to move.


Tank Emblems help Gatotkaca in the thick of the fight, making it easier for him to shrug off damage he taunts enemies into inflicting on him. Talents can be chosen based on the team you’re fighting for flexibility. Physical and Magical Defense are both good options for Gatotkaca, as is cooldown reduction.

Brave Smite returns some of Gatotkaca’s health to him when crowd controlling an enemy. Perfect for staying alive when initiating fights, charging in and forcing enemies to fight you!

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