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Best Build Items, Emblems and More for Cyclops in Mobile Legends

Starsoul Magician

Cyclops: Starsoul Magician


Mobile Legends’ Cyclops, the Starsoul Magician, is a mage focused on poking the enemy down with his spells and abilities. When hitting enemies with his spells, he reduces their cooldowns, helping him pump out further damage. 

Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Cyclops is in the Season 15 tier list.

Recommended Cyclops Builds

Champion Stats

Tips & Tricks

Cyclops is a powerful poke mage, able to use his passive cooldown reduction to constantly spam his special abilities and deal damage to enemies.

He has limited mobility and is squishy, meaning it’s very important for him to always be properly positioned to avoid dying to assassins and marksmen. 

During the laning phase, Cyclops should defend his tower, farming gold and playing safely. When team fights start to break out, Cyclops can take advantage of his ability to reduce his cooldowns by hitting enemies with his special abilities. Group with allies and fire special abilities into groups of enemies.


Getting items for Cyclops that increase his Magic Power and reduce his cooldowns even further will help him pump out the most sustained damage.

Magic Shoes are a wise choice. Demon Shoes also work if Mana Regeneration becomes a problem. (Enchanted Talisman also helps with this.)

Offensively, items like Lightning Truncheon and Concentrated Energy help Cyclops pump out damage and sustain himself in the process.

When really snowballing ahead of enemies, items like Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive can increase Cyclops’ power exponentially. 


As Cyclops, you’ll be wanting to keep your distance from enemies and spam your abilities.

Stardust Shock offers good poke during the laning phase and Planets Attack allows Cyclops to make a quick getaway if he’s in a tight spot while also providing some burst damage in team fights when the spheres hit multiple targets.

Use Star Power Lockdown to pursue fleeing enemies and to immobilize priority targets in team fights. The crowd control and burst damage it offers can really help eliminate a crucial enemy and swing the tide of battle to your team’s favor.


Cyclops should use the Mage Emblem page, with the Mastery talent offering him further reduced cooldowns. Observation helps him inflict more damage with Magic Penetration.

Mystery Shop is always a viable pick for mages, allowing them to acquire items for cheaper. Magic Worship is also a wise choice for the Cyclops Player who knows they will land their abilities and can meet the requirements to apply the burn effect consistently.

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